Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's get the 2011 season going on Saturday, August 13th

Well, the fields are not as ripe as we would like for the opener but we feel we cannot stave off opening any longer. So we are going to open on Saturday, August 13th, at daylight, and we will remain open during daylight hours until we are picked out (usually about one month).

Price and operation remain the same as the last couple of years: Open daily during daylight hours, self serve (we are not always home, so use a check if you don't have correct change, honest people have simply put in an IOU and paid up later, too), $2/lb. If you can, bring your own containers. New this year we will have a limited supply (100) of food-grade, 5-qt, plastic pails, artistically decorated as shown, available for purchase at cost ($2.50 ea.).

Check this blog (or our Facebook site: search Gierke Blueberry Farm on FB) or call to get reports of the picking conditions, especially if you are traveling long distances and you are one of those who wants to pick 10s of lbs per visit. We'll try to give you a sense of how the picking is. First two days are usually very productive. After that, depends on how thoroughly we were picked and how fast the unripe berries are bluing up!


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