Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Picking Prospects Remain Bleak

Well, Lynn and I just inspected the patches and it is looking bleak for this weekend. Ripening progress is not noticeable. Until the very late season, when those couple of rows of late-ripening varieties turn blue, I think we are looking at pretty much "recreational picking" from here on out, which means there is no point coming from afar. You will be certainly disappointed in what you can get in a few hours. You are welcome, starting early Saturday, but we are not encouraging you to come with the expectation of filling even one bucket. It is a combination of being thoroughly picked out of ripe berries and the ones coming in to ripeness are doing so slowly. We didn't see a single bush that was even 50% ripe.
Locals will have a shot at the late-season berries and we'll post when they turn blue. Assume that they are unripe until we report otherwise. Last year they were not ripe until the end of September.


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