Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 Outlook

I checked out the blueberry crop on Saturday, July 18th. Although it is not going to be a banner year by any means (lacking rain and poor conditions during pollination), there are going to be berries to pick, probably starting late in the first week of August.

Last year we opened for picking August 9th and never closed. Pickers started running out of steam, it seemed, well before the bushes were empty. 10,000 lbs in all, what a great year! Certainly we would hope to have those conditions every year, but we will be pleased with a modest crop (average is about 5000 lbs/yr).

The small patch of bushes nearest the house are practically devoid of berries. These are the oldest bushes, so maybe they are simply "done". Out in the largest patch, in the middle, at least 50% of the bushes are sporting decent numbers to "loaded". Some bushes are empty, but for the most part there should be berries for everyone when we open. Probably will NOT open any earlier than Aug. 8th (we prefer to have our "opening day" on a Saturday).

As many have noticed, my attention to this blog can be quite spotty. I am going to continue to maintain this, but we are also trying more contemporary ways of keeping you abreast of the berry situation, so we started facebook account for the berry farm. If you have your own facebook account, then search for and make yourself a fan of the Gierke Blueberry Farm facebook site and you can get more regular information on the picking situation. You can also post your own perceptions of the picking.


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