Friday, June 02, 2006

Pigs & Llamas

Our livestock situation grew in May with the addition of 2 male piglets. Mike is raising one for market (to be shown and auctioned at the Houghton Co. Fair at the end of August) and the lesser one for us.

We acquired two llamas (both geldings) in October 2005.

Olivia Anne (Libby) Joins the Farm

The newest addition to the family is a Brittany Spaniel puppy (born 2 April 2006). She is Mike's dog and he has named her Olivia Anne (after the patron saint (St. Anne) of the island of Brittany where the breed originated), but we call her Libby. She is rambunctious and precocious for a few hours in the morning and the evening, and otherwise sleepy. Our 9-yr old Golden likes playing with her for about 5 minutes per day, and otherwise wishes she would go away. Genny's parrot likes to terrorize the puppy as often as possible. It is hard to tell if the parrot is being trained to hunt bird dogs or vice versa.