Sunday, July 29, 2012

Opening Weekend: One for the record books

A new opening-day harvest record was achieved by a modestly numbered, but very proficient picking crowed: 2100 lbs were hauled off the farm in containers (not sure how much was hauled away in stomachs) on Saturday, July 28th.  Surprisingly, Sunday's pickers could not tell that anyone picked on Saturday.  The numbers for today are not in yet, but given the number of pickers today and the quantities harvested (one family from Bruce Crossing weighed in at almost 140 lbs in 4 hrs this morning), we should be able to report a harvest that rivals, maybe exceeds, opening-day harvests from years past.  It looks like the picking is going to remain awesome, at least through the weekend.  I won't be able to update the blog until Thursday.  Picking should be fine through then. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Well, the post you have all been waiting for has arrived.  We are going to open this Saturday, July 28th, at daybreak.  We will remain open during daylight hours until we are picked out.  We should have 3 or 4 weeks of pretty good picking, the first week should be amazing.  We have not seen it like this.  The bushes are loaded!  Even the patch nearest the road, which has not been very productive the last couple of years, is overburdened with ripe, plump blueberries. You will need to lessen their burdens.

I had my doubts about opening when Lynn and I checked the patch on Monday evening.  However, tonight (Wednesday) the conditions appeared great. There are many bushes >90% ripe and many, many at that 60-70% stage, percentages that will improve over the next couple of days. Of course there are the slower (smaller-berry) varieties that are still white or light purple, which will ripen in good time for those late-season stalwarts, like our neighbors to the SW.  The rest of you shouldn't wait for those, however, and get out here Saturday and enjoy what looks like our best ever crop.  Bring buckets, sunscreen, insect repellent, stools, water, even a picnic lunch.  We hope you enjoy yourselves.

Everything is the same as the last couple of years: completely self serve, $2/lb, daylight hours. We accept cash, Market Fresh coupons, check, and if you forget, an IOU.  Drive slow on the property. Park along the roads on the property, NOT in the rows.  You won't be able to drive in the roads because the bushes are drooping so far.  Do not go around barricades.  Do not step in bear droppings (none yet).  Watch out for hornets.  We had a kid inspect for nests today, but he didn't find any, so that means he was not thorough.  Reminds me to remind you, bring an EpiPen if anyone in your party is allergic.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This explains the adage: "_____ a blue streak"

People often ask us how much of our crop is eaten by "birds". We hardly notice any significant consumption by birds, until yesterday. Looks like our own "birds" are sneaking in and getting an early start on the harvest. Couldn't catch it on video, but this one was earlier hopping up to get berries from the bush. We have noticed that just recently the chicken droppings have a "blue" hue to them. Despite the blue manure around the place, the bushes are still NOT ripe enough to pick. We normally open when the dog droppings turn blue. Will update again on Tuesday of next week. Keep your fingers crossed and we will start locking up the chickens.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Here is a picture of our MOST ripe section of the patch from Sunday, July 15th.  Still less than 50% ripe.  Slower ripening varieties are obviously further behind.  We have not opened before August in the last 7 years but this year might be an exception.  The early start to the season, coupled with a hot summer has us thinking (actually hoping) of a late July opening.  We always open on a Saturday and we anticipate opening on the 4th of August and then remaining open the entire month.  We will keep monitoring the progress and will surely open sooner (the absolute soonest would be July 28th) if the ripening rate picks up.  Blueberries ripen slow, so please be patient.  Everything will remain the same as previous years: self serve ($2/lb), open 7 days, daylight hours, bring your own containers or purchase ours at cost.