Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cabin Fever: March 38th, 2007

The pictures provided in this post were taken by Genny Gierke, in the midst of a bout of cabin fever, which started October 11th and continues through at least Easter. Since we refuse to acknowledge snow in April, we are simply continuing March beyond the normal 31 day limit.

Some of the pictures were from the fall, including the one above, which was at the start of first snow storm in early October (see the link to that post).

Hopefully, the following is our LAST snow storm for 2006-07:
Late on March 34th

Early on March 35th, and it is only getting worse...

This is October 11th, but it could be today (March 38th).

This leprechaun does not wish to be caught.

Yeah, he is getting big...

I am pretty sure that this is not helping the training of this dog for hunting birds.

We told her if she didn't calm down, she was going to get her head stuck in something.

Cold Mountain imitation.


It is not backseat driving if I am also in the front seat. BTW, we have corrected this problem, both with the dog and this particular driver.

"You stick your tongue out at me again, and I'll bite it!"

When the bird is on your shoulder, you can't help but talk like a pirate.

So this is why pirates wear an eye patch.

How come the dang bird and brittany get all the PR?