Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pre-Season Scouting Report 2010

If you are reading this and it is not yet July 2010, then you have a blueberry addiction. There is no help for that. Early indications are that your may have a pretty good opportunity to feed your addiction this year. We have been averaging almost an inch of rain per week this June. That, coupled with the summer-like spring conditions during blossoming, made for excellent pollination. The harvest should be as good or better than last year (nearly 5000 lbs, which is average) and maybe the ripening will be on time. Still early to announce the opening day, but it will be a Saturday in early August, maybe August minus-one. Don't plan your vacation on this still early premonition, just a warning to check in after the middle of July. Yours truly will be gone the first half of July, so the next update will also be noncommittal and forthcoming about July 16th.

If you have facebook, become a fan of "Gierke Blueberry Farm" and you will receive an FB invitation when the blessed event arrives. We are sort of migrating our picture taking and story telling to our FB page, as it is much easier to maintain, and it doesn't take much of a hurdle for yours truly to procrastinate on updates...